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Are you, like me wondering how it can be birthday time again for the kids? It comes around too quickly doesn’t it? No doubt you’re reading this as you’ve picked an Under The Sea theme – good choice! The invites and cakes are usually easy to source but decorating the venue can be trickier business. Read on to see how this mini aquarium party decoration will be the easiest thing you’ve ever made.

Mini aquarium party decoration hack for a kids under the sea party

Are you looking for a table centrepiece to bring the theme together? Or maybe in need of help to stop the decorations looking, well just a bit meh? I know you won’t have tons of time to spend on party DIY’s so I’ve got THE BEST solution to your decorating problems. This mini aquarium party decoration hack is so unbelievably easy, you can achieve it in just three minutes. Seriously speedy! This insider cheat is straight from the party professionals and when used as a repeated prop on the party table, creates a real wow factor.

3 reasons to try this mini aquarium hack…

If you’re new to crafting or party DIY, fear not because this easy aquarium decoration hack is a great one to start with for three reasons;

  1. You’ll have it made in no time at all.
  2. You won’t need any fancy equipment.
  3. It’s super cheap to make.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that easy equals naff because this is exactly the kind of party decoration that the experts choose to create those Instagram worthy events – it’s all in the detail darling!

Read on to follow the tutorial and take your party from drab to fab!

Step by step instructions for a mini aquarium kids party decoration
4 steps to an awesome mini aquarium decoration for an under the sea party

What you’ll need:

You may well already have some of the above at home – I’ve had this square vase for forever and I think the shape works a treat. The same goes for the toy fish which I ‘borrowed’ from my unsuspecting son. You could even swap out the plastic greenery for fresh, there’s not much life in my garden at the minute but come summertime, you’ll have an abundance of free stuff! If you’re in a hurry and want a one stop shop, *click on the links to find similar products.

Mini aquarium hack in just 4 steps!

  1. Chuck a handful of glass pebbles into the bottom of the vase.
  2. Poke your greenery into the pebbles to hold in place.
  3. Place the fish on top.
  4. Fill with water.

Top tips for lifeless fish

Depending on the type of fish you use and where you want them to sit in the water you might want to anchor them down. Now this wouldn’t bother most people but the control freak in me wanted them to float at different heights in the water. I did this by threading a bit of fishing line through the fish and attaching the end to a pebble with hot glue. I hope the little man doesn’t notice that I skewered his fish…

I’ll bet that you’re pretty chuffed with your results and hopefully feeling inspired to try more of our easy party hacks. in the meantime if you’re hungry for some more under the sea party inspiration, have a look at my post on My Favourite Summer Party Ideas For Kids. Ignoring the fact that it’s currently freezing outside.

Happy hacking!

Claire x

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