The best thing about having a summer born child is being able to make the most of the gorgeous weather with a summer party. We’re all happier after a good dose of vitamin D and none more so than children. If you want a stress free event, getting the party gang outside is the way to go for an all round happier birthday and my favourite summer party ideas for kids are sure to make you happy too.

I love looking for party inspiration but with so much information out there, knowing where to begin can be overwhelming, not to mention time consuming. So I’ve put together a  roundup of the best summer party themes and party DIY’s for kids from some of my favourite places to get your creative juices flowing.

And the best bit is that I’ve also created some super simple party hacks so that you can cheat the party look with easy to follow tutorials. These hacks are coming soon, be sure you don’t miss out by signing up to join our waiting list .

Throw A Teddy Bears Picnic Party For The Kids This Summer 

This is always a winning summer party for kids, especially preschoolers and a great way to keep the costs down as you don’t need lots of props and decorations to make an impact. Grab a favourite teddy bear, spread out a cute blanket and hit the park to tuck into a pre-packed picnic box. Simple.

A coordinating balloon bundle on a colourful blanket is a simple touch which really sets the party mood – just the kind of speedy decoration we love.

Kids Teddy Bears Picnic Party

Lanterns, balloons and paper bags can be easily hacked to tie in with your teddy bear theme, follow our Teddy Bear Balloon Tutorial here. What a fun and inexpensive way to decorate the party!

And while sunny days are not the time for full on fancy dress, these cute little bear ears will make for some adorable kiddy photos.

Escape The Summer Heat With A Cool Camping Party For The Kids

If you’re planning a summer party for older kids this is a much cooler version of the traditional PJ party. Adding fairy lights and lanterns will make for a magical sleepover and if you want a more rugged look for the boys, go for mason jars and a firepit. Just don’t forget to rope in a willing adult for campfire duty and spooky stories.

Kids Summer Camping Party

The party decor for a camping party is so simple, go for outdoorsy colours and a few pine cones strewn across the party table.

And how sweet are these little flashlight party favours? Let your imagination run wild with the goody bags but remember to include some practical items if you are staying outside for the duration such as bug spray, sunscreen and hand wipes.

This is a great theme for summer as the little tents will provide some much needed shade on a sunny day. And if you’re not so keen on sleeping under the stars, these simple A-Frame tents can easily be set up inside – space permitting.

You can even keep the campfire if you’re forced indoors, this craft activity uses recycled CD’s, scavenged rocks and twigs. Follow this clever Campfire Hack here and learn how to keep the kids busy with a fun reminder of the day.

The Kids Will Love This Summery Under The Sea Party

This is a lovely summer party idea for girls and boys alike. The best bit is that the decorations to create a watery wonderland are super easy to make, use crepe streamers to create waves and seaweed in a matter of minutes.

My favourite detail is this fab fishy centrepiece which is so quick and easy to make. Find out how to hack a flower vase to make a Mini Aquarium Party Centrepiece for the table.

If you are the creative type you might fancy having a go at this show stopping coral reef decoration made from pool noodles and expanding foam filler. Chances are you’ll want a more speedy DIY and these lantern fish will look just as impressive.

Nothing Says Summer Better Than A Carnival Or Circus Party Theme For Kids

Nothing says summer like a carnival or circus. And for this kids party idea, a striped tablecloth and bunting will bring the whole theme together.

Kids Circus Summer Party Ideas
Circus Party Ideas For Kids

The success of this party relies on carnival inspired games and activities which makes it a bit more involved from a DIY perspective but this will pay off when the kids arrive as they’ll be having so much fun that you can sit back with that glass of Pimms and watch the fun unfold.

Celebrate The Summer With A Kids Beach Party

If you’re lucky enough to have a beach on your doorstep or happen to be away on your summer holiday when the special day arrives then it doesn’t get much better than a beach party for kids. But if the sea and sand are nowhere to be seen, a sand pit and inflatable pool will bring some beach fun to a garden party.

Beach Summer Party For Kids
Summer Beach Party Ideas For Kids

If your summer party is for older kids and the celebrations carry on into dusk then a few clever lighting hacks can look really impressive. I just love these backlit parasols which can be interlaced with fairy lights or simply positioned over an existing light source.

Summer Beach Party Decorations For Kids
Beach Party Decoration Ideas For Kids

The best thing about a summer party for kids on the beach is that there are tons of props you can use to bring this theme to life, and you’ll most likely already have some at home. Buckets make great dishes for party snacks or how about a beach ball garland or archway?

While thinking about party crafts for the little ones, inexpensive and recycled materials like corks and shells can be used to create a keepsake the kids will love.

Set Up An Outdoor Cinema For A Kids Movie Night Party

If you really want to amp up the excitement levels, an outdoor cinema will do just that. This type of kids summer party will work better if you can wait until early evening when the light levels drop, otherwise it can be tricky to see the screen.

Movie Night Summer Party For Kids
Outdoor Cinema Ideas For A Kids Movie Night Party

Comfort is key here, so make sure that you provide plenty of cushions and a snuggly blanket or two.

Movie Night Party Food For Kids
Food And Decoration Ideas For A Kids Movie Night Party

You don’t need to go overboard with the decorations as the kids will be sat in one place for most of the party. A table runner will make a great red carpet entrance for when the guests arrive.

Food at a movie night party can also be kept low key, which is great if you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. Classic snacks like hotdogs and nachos work really well, and of course no film night is complete without popcorn. Serve the party food in individual baskets or trays and everything can be prepared in advance.

Sail Into Summer With A Kids Pirate Party

A pirate party never looks tired and it’s one that you won’t be able to avoid if you have boys – they love it.

Kids Pirate Party Ideas
Kids Pirate Party Ideas

If you really want to make an impact, these ship masts look amazing on the party tables and surprisingly aren’t tricky to make – keep an eye out for our Pirate Ship Table Hack coming soon… And for extra swashbuckle, a few fancy dress items, a large bucket and a pirate flag makes the quickest (and cutest) photo booth for toddlers.

Kids Pirate Party Decorations
Pirate Party Decorations And Goody Bag Ideas

No pirate party is complete without a haul of loot, I love this DIY treasure map table runner scattered with gold coins. And how about decorating a treasure chest to keep those precious goodies in.

Want some cheats to create these parties at home?

I hope that these ideas have you bursting with inspiration for your kids summer party this year but if you think you’ll never be able to achieve a similar look at home, I have some stunning and ridiculously easy cheats to share with you.

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In the meantime, happy planning!

Claire x


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