Well it definitely feels like Spring is in the air and given that it’s also my birthday today, I’m feeling doubly inspired because I’m surrounded by beautiful flowers. And well this hack is just too pretty to keep to myself, so here’s How To Make A Paper Flower Wreath From Cupcake Cases.

How to make a paper flower wreath from cupcake liners

The uses for a pretty floral wreath are endless… obviously it will make a fab birthday party decoration or could easily be tweaked to make a glorious birthday crown. You can even liven up a plain cake by placing it in the centre of the paper flower wreath, how fabulous would this look on an Easter table? Or maybe you just want to brighten up a dark corner in your home. I’m with you there!

Flower wreath from cupcake cases

Now you can get super creative with flower wreaths and there are some brilliant examples on Pinterest. But who has the time for this when planning a party? I wanted something that was super simple and quick to make. And as with all of my party hacks, achievable for busy mummies.

So I got the idea for my party wreath from some cupcake flower lights that I spied over on the Oh Happy Day blog site. I love a party craft that uses recycled materials and as I already had some leftover cupcake cases, I couldn’t wait to give this a go!

How to make a paper flower wreath in 8 steps

The most difficult part of this craft is deciding where you’re going to hang the wreath. You’re going to love your work of art and I guarantee that you wont want to take it down when the party is over!

So what do you need to get started?

Nothing expensive or hard to find, I promise. In fact, I bet you already have most of this stuff.

  • Wire hoop (If you cant find a pre-made frame and don’t fancy making one, you could use an embroidery hoop for this too.)
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • Cupcake cases in 3 sizes and various colours
  • Floristry/garden wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Push pin

Simple steps for making the flower wreath

  1. To make the leaves, fold a green cupcake case in half and then half again. Cutting off the corners to make a leaf shape. (Large and small cases will work for this.)
  2. To make a small flower, fold a small cupcake case in half and repeat this folding 2 times. Snip off the corners to create a petal shape.
  3. To make a large flower, fold a large cupcake case in half and repeat 3 times. Cut off the corners to create a petal shape.
  4. Using double sided tape, stick your flowers together as shown above.
  5. Take a push pin and make 2 holes through the centre of each flower. Try not to position them too closely together otherwise the cases will tear when you push the wire through.
  6. Cut about 24cm of wire and fold it in half for the stem. Don’t worry about being too precise here, different length’s will look more natural.
  7. Thread the wire through the holes on each flower as shown. Carefully hold the wire underneath the flower and twist about 3/4 of the way down.
  8. Wrap the stems around your frame until you have a nice full wreath with no obvious gaps.

How will you use your paper flower wreath?

Do you have an occasion in mind for this DIY? How have you customised the wreath? I love seeing how your hacks turn out so please don’t be shy and share proudly in the comments below.

Happy hacking!

Claire x


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