Easter egg ides for young kids
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Who doesn’t love an Easter egg hunt? I for one have never grown out of them and they’re such a great way to keep the kids busy while you enjoy a lazy (ish) Easter Sunday. But with many of the egg hunts aimed at older kids, you may well be wondering how to do an Easter egg hunt for toddlers?

Since my son has turned three, I’ve been so excited to plan an Easter egg hunt for him. But while looking for ideas, I noticed that all of the egg hunts were just too old for him. So I got my design hat on and set to making my own hunt with clues that he would understand.

Ok, so unless you have a child genius, you will still have to help with the reading part. But I’ve kept the instructions simple enough for a toddler to follow and used generic hiding places so this will work whether you are at home or the grandparents for Easter.

What you’ll need for a toddler Easter egg hunt…

Plastic fillable eggs for a bright Easter egg hunt
Find similar fillable eggs at The Works or Home Bargains
  • Egg hunt clues
  • Plastic eggs
  • Treats to put inside the eggs

Firstly go and print out my Easter egg hunt clues for toddlers and cut them out. They are designed to fit inside the plastic fillable eggs that you can buy almost anywhere. As these can vary in size I’ve included two differently sized clues for you to choose from.

Printable egg hunt clues available in 2 sizes
  1. Large, for eggs around 50mm x 80mm
  2. Small for eggs sized 40mm x 60mm

Download the Easter egg hunt clues for large eggs here!

Download the Easter egg hunt clues for small eggs here!

Most of the eggs in stores tend to be brightly coloured and I found a six pack of smaller eggs in The Works for £1. Although I was hoping for something pastel coloured to match my lovely printable clues and was thrilled when my savvy mummy friend discovered these in Home Bargains! Grab a six pack of large eggs for just 99p, if you want to go matchy, matchy too.

Chocolate alternatives for Easter egg fillers

Chocolate alternatives for Easter hunts
Chocolate alternatives for Easter egg hunts

The obvious choice for filling your eggs is chocolate but let’s face it, the kids will already have more than enough Easter eggs. So if like me, you are looking for some sugar-free alternatives, here are some egg filler ideas I have found:

Hiding the eggs in the right order

Easter egg hunt preview
Foolproof clues and hiding tips for an Easter egg hunt

To make the toddler Easter egg hunt even easier, I have suggested where to hide each egg under that clue. This should make for a speedier set up, read this should stop me messing up the game! (I’m in my third trimester and my brain is like scrambled eggs these days).

Setting up the egg hunt

This will take you no time at all and can easily be done on Easter morning if you’re worried about leaving the eggs outside overnight. It can still be a bit damp in the UK so hang on if you can to avoid getting soggy clues.

Once you’ve filled each egg with a treat and clue, don’t forget to make a note of the hiding places before you’ve cut out the clues. I took a photo of the clues on my phone and then wrote the corresponding number on the bottom of each egg to help with this. Ok, maybe only I need this tip… I told you I had baby brain!

Annnnd if you want to add a little more fun to your Easter egg hunt, download my printable Bunny Footprint Trail!

I should warn you that setting up Easter bunny footprints to lead the way to the egg hunt will definitely blow the excitement levels of the scale!

Free printable bunny footprints for Easter

I hope that you enjoy planning an Easter egg hunt for toddlers and find this blog post has helped make things quick and easy for you. I’d love to know how you get on so do let me know in the comments below how your egg hunt goes!

Happy Easter!

Claire x

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