9 Fun Valentines Lunchbox Ideas for Kids

When Valentines day falls midweek and the kids are at school, it’s hard to find time to make it special. But it’s often the simplest ideas that have the greatest impact and packing a special lunch is a definite win. Read on to see my roundup of 9 Fun Valentines Lunchbox Ideas For Kids.

If you’re new to my blog, I’m so glad you’re here because saving you time is what I love the most. I spend way too much time scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram looking for the cutest ideas for my own little one. So I love to share the best and simplest hacks I find with busy mums and dads just like you.

These fun Valentines lunchbox ideas are my absolute favourites for 3 reasons:

  1. They’re quick to prepare
  2. They use everyday ingredients that kids love
  3. They’re healthy
Valentines lunchbox printables for kids

Pack a Valentines school lunch for the kids with Free Printables

And while we’re talking of time saving, if you want to make your little ones lunch even more special, you must download my Free Valentines Lunchbox printables. Use these super cute stickers, flags and lunchbox notes to show how much you love your little one and put the finishing touch to your gorgeous Valentines lunchbox surprise.

9 Valentines kids lunchbox ideas

Any good hack has to be quick, use simple tools and most of all be fun. There’s nothing worse then seeing a cute idea and then having to invest in specialist equipment to make it. So grab that heart shaped cookie cutter (you might need to raid the Play-Doh box to find it) and lets get food hacking.

9 fun Valentines lunch ideas to try

  1. Use a round and small heart shaped cutter to transform your kids favourite filling into a heart eyes Emoji sandwich.
  2. A great time saver if you have two kids is this apple love bug. Use a mini heart shaped cutter to punch out spots on a ed and a green apple and switch them over. Two snacks in super fast time.
  3. A simple open cheese sandwich can be easily transformed into a love note for your little one. You’ve probably been creating strawberry hearts for years by de-hulling and halving them this way. No extra fiddling needed!
  4. Choose Valentines like colours for your veg to make this easy heart shaped salad stand out.
  5. If you have the time, make these heart shaped pizzas the night before. Any flat bread or pitta will do if you don’t have pizza dough on hand.
  6. I just love these love bug baguettes. You can find little eyes and hearts on the cake decorating aisle of most supermarkets if you didn’t want to cut them out.
  7. I love this Valentines ladybird sandwich idea. Use that humble cutter again to create heart stamped wings and secure with shaped cocktail sticks for the eyes.
  8. Another make ahead idea are these heart shaped bread rolls. But don’t be put off as this really simple hack uses ready made dough for speedy baking.
  9. My little one much prefers a nibbly snack over a sandwich. I’ll be giving this heart topped celery, pre-loaded with nut butter a try as combines all of his ‘current’ favourite foods. (Sorry, I do love a pun) I’m sure this would work with whatever finger food your own kid prefers.

Any one of these fun Valentines lunchbox ideas are sure to make your kids day at school that extra bit special. Don’t forget to pop a handwritten notecard in their lunchbox too to remind them just how special they really are.

I hope that making the school lunches was a little more fun than usual and that you found the hacks easy to follow. I’d love to hear how you got on, so please don’t be shy in reaching out and leave me a comment to let me know.

Claire x


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