Free printable bunny footprint trail for Easter
Free printable bunny footprint trail for Easter

If you’re planning an Easter egg hunt for the kids this year then you’ll definitely want to download my Easter bunny footprints to take your hunt to the next level.

The magic of the Easter Bunny as with the Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas doesn’t last for long with kids. So I want to milk that magic for as long as I can. Before my son starts asking for designer gear and iPhones for Easter…

My printable couldn’t be easier or quicker to use. Just print out the footprints full size, cut and scatter them around.

Bunny footprint trail

Download the Easter Bunny Footprints Printable here.

I plan to use them to lead the way to the start of my Easter egg hunt. But how cute would it be to stick them on the ceiling over your little ones bed or up the wall? You will have so much fun planning your bunny footprint trail and the kids will love this extra touch.

If you missed my previous post on How To Do An Easter Egg Hunt For Toddlers then you also missed some more free goodies.

Printable Easter egg hunt clues available in 2 sizes
Printable clues for the easiest Easter egg hunt set up

Think you’re out of time to plan an Easter egg hunt? Think again…

  • In the post I give you everything you need to set up an egg hunt with free printable clues.
  • I’ll also tell you where to buy the best plastic eggs for the job on the highstreet.
  • And I’ve got tons of ideas for non-chocolate egg fillers, most available for next day delivery.

So if you’re a last minute mum, like me, who still wants to plan something fun for the kids this Easter then hop to it and download these fab free resources now!

Download the Easter Bunny Footprints Printable here

Read How To Do An Easter Egg Hunt For Toddlers here

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