9 Easy Valentines Breakfast Ideas for Kids
9 Easy Valentines Breakfast Ideas For Kids

I don’t know about you but I love all of these special days, Valentines Day is no exception and I always have the best intentions for making them special for my family. But with a well meaning three year old who likes to ‘help’ and a baby on the way, I’ve had to find ways to keep our celebrations super easy and quick to prepare. And these 9 Easy Valentines Breakfasts For Kids are just that.

When scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest, it’s tempting to get carried away by all the great ideas. It’s too easy to waste precious hours while scrolling! And how many times have you taken on a project that turns out not to be as simple as it looks? There’s nothing more deflating.

Planning a special occasion should be fun and I want to help you enjoy the process and be proud of your results. So if you haven’t already seen my Free Valentines Placemats make sure you check them out. Now onto the food inspiration and I’ve found 9 easy Valentines breakfasts for kids that will satisfy the fussiest of fuss pots and save you a ton of scrolling time.

9 kids valentines breakfasts

Fruit packed Valentines Smoothie

My little one loves a smoothie and I like to know that he’s getting his flavour from real fruit over a synthetic squash. This delicious fruity smoothie is packed with bananas, strawberries and blueberries and just happens to be the right shade of pink for a Valentines drink.

Heart shaped egg hack

I never knew that boiled eggs could be shaped after cooking, so this genius hack was one that I had to try. You don’t need any fancy equipment for this clever trick and they can be prepared the night before for extra time saving. Click the link to see how to make a heart shaped egg.

Easy Valentines breakfast sundae

Breakfast sundaes are favourites in our house, my little boy loves them because he can assemble them himself. I love them because they cut down on the prep time. Double win.

Heart shaped egg and toast

Use a heart shaped cookie cutter for the easiest way to give the humble egg in a hole a Valentines upgrade.

Mini emoji pancakes

I love a breakfast pancake but I’m not a fan of standing over the hob for any longer than necessary. So I found these mini emoji pancakes that use ready made pancakes, just the thing for a quick breakie on a school day.

Bacon hearts, what’s not to love?

Crispy bacon hearts are the best (my mouth is watering just writing about them) and are suprisingly easy to make – its all in the draping. Give them a go and serve with scrambled eggs if you want a more substantial breakfast.

Valentines breakfast fruit kebabs

Grab that heart shaped cutter again and whip up these healthy heart shaped fruit kebabs in no time. My three year old wasn’t a huge fan of melon until I started using mini cookie cutters to shape bite sized pieces for him. Now he can’t get enough melon.

Quick tomato hearts

Make these cupid heart tomatoes for breakfast or lunch. I especially like the use of cheese finishing the arrow rather than paper.

Easy cheesy Valentines muffins

Anything with cheese on it is right up my street – I’m blaming pregnancy cravings – and these english muffin pizzas are too delicious to ignore. They’re super simple to make too so get the kids to help.

Many of these easy Valentines breakfast ideas would also be fab in a lunchbox. If you want more yummy inspiration, take a look at my roundup of Valentines Packed Lunch Ideas too.

I hope that you’ve found something to tickle your tastebuds for your Valentines breakfast. These recipes really are the easiest and quickest I found, just the thing for us busy mums. And if you’re hungry for more inspiration, I have so many great ideas for kids on my Valentines Ideas Pinterest board.

Much love

Claire x


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